The Hermitage at Pangong

Location : The result of a devoted passion project, The Hermitage at Pangong is a premier camp situated in Maan Village, alienated from the recent uprising of commercialization at the lake. Drive along the edge, as the waves caress the shore to find a stirring site, dormant in the repose of Pangong. The isolated and illusive setting of the campsite flaunts a fabled visage, with 8 premier eco-friendly yurts constructed in a spatial semi-circle, each one overlooking the deep, alluring azure of the lake. The sound of the waves endure an elusive calm as the jagged, velvet peaks rest on the periphery, creating a geological wonder that renders you in a momentary lapse of being present in the world. Designed to induce a sense of rejuvenating calm, the yurts are replete with the quintessential view of the lake directly from the comfort of your bed. A remote retreat, uninterrupted by the world, where you can discard the urban haste and shed the shackles of main stream tourism to explore luxury, experience liberation and ecological camping at one of the most striking and isolated destinations in the world.

Facilities : In a location that is earned, the aim is to create a shift in the style of camping while keeping its essence intact. As the sole, centrally heated camp in Pangong, The Hermitage eludes all discomfort due to the cold, which could be a cause of concern for some. Solar energy is utilized to maximize comfort and luxury and to simultaneously ensure a lack of detrimental impact on the fragile Ladhaki ecosystem. The property includes a sumptuously stocked dining area, flooded with natural light through widows that provide a pristine view of the natural surroundings as you dig into an assortment of dishes during mealtimes.

Waking up at The Hermitage : Each private yurt assures that the light of dawn stirs you awake to a resplendent view of the lake, as its surface glistens invitingly. Revel a warm cup of tea, served to you in bed as you marvel over a location that is as surreal as it is elusive. Kick-start your day with an invigorating yoga session, as The Hermitage allows you to abide time at your leisure, for there are no hands on the clock today. The aim is to provide a sanctuary where you can relax, rejuvenate and replenish. Dressed in fine Sheesham bed-posts, the intricate woodwork and indoor d├ęcor of the yurts induces a lavish vintage charm. A desk rests, facing the lake for those inspired to put pen to paper. Take long walks along the lake, indulge in the variety of cuisine served by the diligent staff and experience the promise of a stay that will come around once in a lifetime.
For the adventurous souls and nature aficionados, there are treks, cycling expeditions and an array of rare, endangered wildlife to discover in the region.

Activities :
Yoga retreat
Star gazing
Cycling to Chushul
Bird Spotting
Walking meditation
Trekking Expeditions

Catalogue : A kaleidoscope of deep azure, sparkling sunlight reflected like diamonds dawdling on the surface of the lake and a crown of daunting and beautifully barren mountains placed on the periphery, the landscape of the Pangong Lake inspires absolute awe. Appreciating the naturally mystic quality it holds, is an art and all art needs a hermitage where one can practice the true expression of being one with its purest form. Keeping that in mind, we have created a sanctuary in Mann Village, located comfortably away from the recent uprising of commercialization at the lake. Our aim is to follow and apply the principle of eco-friendly amenities to derive calming comfort and luxury. The Hermitage at Pangong is place of rejuvenation, where you can wake up each morning in the restful and amiable coziness of your bed.

Pangong Hermitage ( Maan Village): Operational from 05 April to 15 October 2018 GST included

Meal PlanRoom Type (08 Luxury Yurt)The below rates are for 2018-2019
CPAI (Only Bed & Breakfast Basis)INR 16500/-INR 18000/-
MAPAI (Bed, Breakfast & Lunch OR Dinner)INR 17850/-INR 18500/-
APAI (Bed, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)INR 19200/-INR 20000/-
Extra bed 40% of the above mention rate. Child No Bed @ 20% of the mention rate. Child below 6 years complimentary.