Ingredients dominate the dishes

Ladakh Sarai welcomes you to have the first hand experience of our garden produce

Our In House Farm

We believe in the philosophy-“ ingredients dominate the dishes”, and to further act on it we decided to grow our own vegetables and herbs. Instrumental in this endeavour are our local team members who have brought in their age honed local agricultural skills. With our team and our fertile farms we grow over 30 varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs. In addition to being chemical free, these vegetables are really fresh and of optimum quality to be used in our kitchen. Ladakh Sarai welcomes you to have the first hand experience of our garden produce either through the dishes that we prepare or through a leisure stroll that you can take in our farms. Our tem members are ever ready and eager to show you our vegetable garden and fruit orchard. After all it is our prised possession.


Fire has always brought humanity together. With it being utilised for cooking food; fire has been instrumental in developing the bond that we call society today. Ladakh Sarai’s evening barbeque gives you the chance to experience the same naïve emotions that our ancestors had. The sound of crackling fire, the aroma of food being cooked over it and the crisp fresh air in the courtyard is sure to make your evening memorable. Let the chefs grill and cook fresh ingredients and seasoned meats up to your preference and meanwhile you enjoy your conversations and the starlit sky of Ladakh.

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