Immersive Experiences at Ladakh Sarai

Embark on unforgettable journeys through Ladakh's soul with our curated array of immersive experiences at Ladakh Sarai.
Yoga Experience
Yoga Experience

The Ladakhi plateau is infused with breath. The breath of the sky comes to life in swirling currents hugging the majestic mountains and galloping across vast stretches of high desert. The breath of the earth rises through the poplar trees and the tender green shoots of the garden.


In shadow of the majestic Ladakhi Himalayas, with freshness of air, on windswept trails and roads, to the view of sun kissed mountains, Ladakh Sarai offers various mountain biking options. An easy ride of few hours or less to multiple days of mountain biking options are offered.

Cooking Class

Ladakh is a land of myriad cooking techniques, ingredients and dishes. The beautiful blend of Islamic, Tibetan, and local traditions are reflected in the dishes that are prepared in the region. Our chefs at Ladakh Sarai always look at the traditional cuisine of Ladakh for inspiration.

Culinary Experience

We believe in the philosophy-“ ingredients dominate the dishes”, and to further act on it we decided to grow our own vegetables and herbs. Instrumental in this endeavour are our local team members who have brought in their age honed local agricultural skills.


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